Your radiation oncology team will answer all of your questions to help you feel comfortable during your treatments.

Your treatment team is led by a radiation oncologist who will guide all of your radiation therapy treatments.

It is always okay to ask questions if you are confused or concerned before, during or after treatment.

Your radiation oncology nurse is available to answer questions and help manage any side effects of treatment.

Your radiation oncologist uses sophisticated medical equipment to make sure the radiation goes directly to your tumor while avoiding healthy organs.

Radiation therapy treatments are generally painless, much like receiving an X-ray. The most common side effects are skin irritation, like a sunburn, and fatigue.


Treatment Information

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Palliative Care or Palliation

featurePalliative care (also known as supportive care) strives to improve the quality of life of people with serious illnesses, including cancer. It is treatment that is intended to relieve symptoms but not cure disease.

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All patients diagnosed with cancer benefit from palliative care. Even if you do not currently have symptoms, you may benefit from additional support and other services for you and your caregivers. Learn more radiation therapy for palliative care.


Find a Radiation Oncologist

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teamA team of highly trained medical professionals will be involved in your care during radiation therapy. This team is led by a radiation oncologist, a doctor who specializes in using radiation to treat cancer. Learn more about the rest of your treatment team.

Be An Advocate

If you have been affected by cancer, it's important to talk to your elected representatives about your experiences.

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