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Side Effects

The side-effects you might feel will depend on the part of your body being treated, the dose of radiation given and whether you also receive other treatments like chemotherapy. Before treatment begins, ask your doctor about possible side effects and how you can best manage them.

Most patients will feel tired (fatigue) and experience redness and moistness of the skin, similar to a sunburn. After treatment ends, the skin will form a protective scab and the new, healthy skin will develop underneath it. This healing may take several months. You may lose the hair in the area treated. This hair will grow back, but it might not have the same texture or thickness. Long term, the skin in the area that was treated may look or feel slightly different than areas that did not receive radiation.

View the printer-friendly side-effects chart with a more comprehensive listing of acute and long-term side effects. 

Talk to your doctor or nurse about any discomfort you feel. He or she may be able to provide medications or other treatments to help.