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Latest Research in Gynecological Cancer

Across the world, radiation oncologists are actively researching safe and effective radiation treatments, including more personalized approaches and studies of lower doses for a variety of cancers. The following research studies were presented during the ASTRO Annual Meeting in October 2020. Annually, ASTRO hosts the largest gathering of radiation oncology professionals in the world to share the latest science and research, all designed to improve patient care, support clinical practice and advance science and research in the field of radiation oncology. 

The information provided below highlights the research provided in the studies included in the Best of ASTRO onDemand course. This information is not intended as medical advice. It is important to review and discuss all treatment options, including radiation therapy with your primary care physician before determining which option or combination of options is best for you and your lifestyle. 

Studies in Gynecological Cancer

Discussant: Jyoti Mayadev, MD
Patient Takeaways prepared by Jyoti Mayadev, MD

  • Our understanding of the genomics of cervical cancer and the tumor microenvironment is rapidly evolving.
  • Major advances in clinical outcomes for locally advanced cervical cancer are on the horizon via immunotherapy.
  • Safely reducing our treatment volumes in cervical cancer radiation with intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) can only lead to improved quality of life as our patients live longer.
Download the PDF of the Best of ASTRO Patient Takeaways