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SNIPSTART Find A Radiation Oncologist

Learn About the Patient Experience

Receiving a cancer diagnosis can be scary and overwhelming. The following videos, available in both English and Spanish, show patients what to expect during their journey.

Radiation Therapy for Brain Tumors

This 10 ½-minute video shows you what to expect if you and your doctor choose to treat your brain tumor with radiation therapy. You will learn about how radiation therapy is used to treat brain tumors and what the pretreatment planning and treatment process looks like. This video gives you the opportunity to see what the equipment looks like, to be introduced to the members of the health care team treating you, hear from patients and learn about side effect.

Radioterapia para cancer cerebral

Este video de 10 minutos y medio le demostrara qué esperar si usted y su médico eligen tratar su tumor cerebral con radioterapia. Aprenderá cómo se usa la radioterapia para tratar los tumores cerebrales y cómo se ve la planificación del pretratamiento y el proceso de tratamiento. Este video le brinda la oportunidad de ver cómo se ve el equipo, presentarlo a los miembros del equipo de atención médica que lo atiende, escuchar a los pacientes y conocer los efectos secundarios.